【药材汤】补脑宁神汤 Brain Supplements Soup
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食用方法 (4-5人份):将配料洗净放入煲内,加入6-7碗清水用猛火煮沸,加肉类炖2个小时即可。

Brain Supplements Soup is a traditional chinese herbal soup that can improve on brain memory, concentration and so on. This herbal soup is very suitable for children to improve their memory on learning and also working adult who do a lot of thinking and can't concentrate after some time.

Ingredients: Dang Cen, Gou Qi, Hong Zao, Yu Zhu, Huai Shan, Bai He, He Tao

Method (Serving for 4-5 persons): Rinse all the ingredients well. Place the ingredients into the pot. Add in 6-7 bowls of water, bring the water to a boil. Add in meat and cook over low heat for 2 hours. Ready to serve.Nett