【手工肥皂】Health Care Handmade Soap - 70g
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【手工肥皂】Health Care Handmade Soap - 70g

Papaya Lemon

-木瓜和柠檬含有丰富的天然酵素,增添肌肤营养,减轻红痒问题,同时也软化角质层,使干燥皮肤变得细柔和光滑,最适合小孩和皮肤敏感的人使用。Papaya & Lemon soap has powerful exfoliating properties that render it beneficial for removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating dry and flaky skin.Net weight: 70g

Tea Tree Oil

-茶树油和草药成分消除暗疮和粉刷,保湿,滋润肌肤。Natural ingredients, anti-bacterial agent which penetrates deep into the skin helping to dry out pimples and acne, cleanses and renew dead skin.Net weight: 70g

Aloe & Rose soap

-天然草本成分制成,香味提神,柔细的泡沫清洁,保湿,滋润肌肤。Natural ingredients help to cleanses and removes impurities, renew dead skin, nourishes & whitening skin with natural nutrients, for healthier skin and anti aging.Net weight: 70g

Lemon Grass

-香茅皂是以香茅精油,木瓜酵素和芦荟制成。香茅和柠檬的香味有醒脑安神和消除汗异味。适合晚间或睡前使用,睡眠更安稳。此皂质地柔滑,轻微泡沫池底洁净和保湿皮肤。This soap is freshly prepared from lemon grass, papaya enzyme & aloe vera. Unique scent relaxes your mind and eliminates body odor, as mosquito repellent the soap smooth texture, mild bubbles.