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【Meet Organic】糙米米粉 Brown Rice Vermicelli - 400g
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Milling Strips off the bran layer, leaving the core comprised of mostly carbohydrates. In this bran layer resides nutrients of vital importance in the diet, making white rice a poor competitor in the nutrition game. Studies show that diets with identical caloric loads but one richer in fats and protein versus a duet rich in carbohydrates tends to contribute to weight gain. Bran contains several things of major importance, two major ones are fiber and essential oils. Fiber not only filling, but is implicated in prevention of major disease such as gastrointestinal diseases and heart disease. Components of the oils present in rice bran have been shown in numerous studies to decrease serum cholesterol, a major risk factor in heart disease. Brown Rice has 4 times the fiber of white rice.Product of Malaysia