【Onely】Natural Dried Fruit (Pineapple) - 100g
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Brand Ohely
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Our organic dried pineapple chips is a great companion for home snacks, gathering or office work hours. It’s made of 100% Malaysia pineapple. That means there’s no sugar, no sulfites, no preservatives added. Our idea is simple, retain the nutritional benefits of whole fresh fruits. Enjoy it peace in mind while you are craving for snacks, it provide satiety too. It is also the best choice for kids, eat less junk food and grow up healthier.

What’s in it: 100% Fresh Malaysia pineapple ( Nanas ).

What’s not in it: Sugar, sulfites and preservatives.

It’s healthy snack: ONELY organic dried pineapple chips are made from pineapples picked at their peak of flavor, sorted, sliced and gently dried with our love. We recommend you to storage at 0 – 4 ºC environment after package opening.

Made in Malaysia.