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【CNY Gift】Premium Herbal Soup Set
Price RM54.00 - RM63.00
Brand Yu Yi Herbs
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Every Herbal Soup Set come with 6 packs.

Total we have 5 different set for you to choose. 


Family Soup Set (适合全家一起喝)

2x Revitalizing Soup

1x Bak Kut Teh

1x Lungs Nourish Soup

1x Six Herbs Soup

1x Cordyceps Flower Soup


Night Owl Soup Set (适合夜猫子喝)

2x Liver Tonic Soup

2x Brain Supplement Soup

2x Restorative Soup


Beauty Soup Set (适合女性喝)

2x Beautifying Soup

2x Ba Zhen Soup

1x Restorative Soup

1x Korean Ginseng Soup


Signature Soup Set (YuYiHerbs招牌汤)

2x Revitalizing Soup

1x Ba Zhen Soup

1x Premium Ginseng Soup

1x Lungs Nourish Soup

1x Cordyceps Flower Soup


Nourishing Soup Set (滋润汤)

2x Beautifying Soup

2x Lungs Nourish Soup

2x Restorative Soup